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Automatic sliding doors for foot traffic available in a variety of designs. Suitable for frequent use and certified to 1,000,000 operation cycles. Integrated safety features include an auto reverse function, and optional extras can be specified. Operating box can be powder coated upon request. Recommended maximum width up to 3,000mm.



Product Specification

Product Overview


The HAG automatic sliding operator door system’s offer a solution for premises looking to install automatic sliding doors.  Ideal for use in commercial and industrial properties, the operator can support a total door weight of 240kg. This product is tested and complies to N.C.C and is certified by an independent NATA AS5007 accredited lab.

Common use

The HAG Automatic doors are often used in premises that are required to comply with The Equality Act 2010 (formerly Disability Discrimination Act). The system has been tested and certified to 1,000,000 operation cycles, making it suitable for areas of frequent use. It is regularly used by retail, education, healthcare, and hospitality premises.

Maximum opening sizes and operating speeds

Opening sizes vary dependant on whether a single-panel or double-panel operator is installed. A single-panel sliding door has a minimum opening of 700mm and a maximum opening of 3000mm. A double-panel sliding door has a minimum opening of 800mm and a maximum opening of 3000mm. Both single-panel and double-panel sliding doors provide:
Opening speeds of between 10-70 cm/s.
Closing speeds of between 10- 50cm/s.


The modular, flexible system allows for frequent and safe operation. The operator includes a microprocessor that automatically controls opening and closing speeds. The standard model includes a 5 function program for Automatic, Partial Open, Exit Only, Permanent Open, Night/Bank operation.


A number of security features can be installed with the operator including a keypad, card reader, and key chain remote control pushbutton for premises that require restricted access. The motor unit locks on closure and as standard the AS range has a built in radio receiver. Additional security devices include numerical keypad, reception desk button and remote control units.

Safety features

The operator has a self-regulating safety system that monitors all door movements and an auto reverse function should doors be obstructed during a closing cycle. Additional safety features include motion and presence sensors, pushbuttons, safety beams, and emergency exit buttons. The operator includes a rechargeable battery pack for emergency operations should there be a power outage.


The system operates within an aluminium overhead track available in a height of 100mm or 150mm with an overall depth of 180mm, that allows for quiet and smooth performance.


The product comes with an aluminium profile coating, with a range of polyester powder coating available.

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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