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C Door Horizontal folding doors

The C Door folds horizontally making it ideal for areas with restricted head height that require good security.

Options include toughened glass viewing panels and manual or electric operation.

Recommended maximum width up to 14,000 mm.



Product Specification

Product Overview


C Door is a horizontal sliding folding industrial door.

Common use

Industrial loading Bay Doors, hanger doors where head height is restricted and large width openings that other door systems cannot achieve.

Maximum Width


The Door System

The C Door panel is deigned on the “lazy tong” principle where vertical pickets interconnect with steel bars producing a collapsible gate system. The assembly arrangement is made from galvanized steel hinged leaves, 305mm wide hung from the front of each picket. A heavy duty lintel mounted steel running track, suspends the door with its double rollers installed to alternate pickets with the floor track holding the guide spigots at the base of each picket. The C door is manufactured from galvanized steel cold rolled sections.

Typical Arrangements

For site requirements the C Door can be arranged either one side or both sides of the opening. All unfixed edges are fitted with a rebated lead post with an operating handle.


These industrial doors are available as a manual, single or three phase electric. Electrically operated C Doors have a gearing system that allows torque limiting device to prevent door damage through a continuous chain driven system.


Locking can be made from either side of the C door with a hasp and staple padlock as standard.

Safety Factor

In the event of an electrically operated door meeting an obstruction when operating, the torque limit operates the micro switch to switch off the mains supply to the motor.

Options Extra

• Upgraded range of alternative locking systems
• Toughened glass viewing panels
• Railway lines track through the opening
• Runway beams – Cut out section to allow overhead beams though the door
• Sumps – Water drainage for bottom track
• Remote control

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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