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Fireguard HFS Plus
Smoke & Fire Curtain BS EN 16034

The Fireguard HFS Plus Smoke and Fire Curtain is fully tested & certified to BS EN 16034. This provides optimum levels of smoke & fire protection up to 240 mins with added irradiance shield up to 60 mins. This protection system is designed to provide safe evacuation routes in proximity to the fire curtain and protection for close contact. CERTIFIRE approved.



Product Specification

Product Compliance

  •  Tested & certified to BS EN 16034
  • Fire Integrity (E) up to 240 minutes
  • Irradiance (W) up to 60 Minutes
  • Self-Closing
  • Compliant to EN1634- 1
  • Compliant to EN1634- 3
  • Full CE Compliance (conformity certificates on request)
  • CERTIFIRE Certified
  • Complies to Document Part M Building Regulations 2004

Components Included

Components included as standard: curtain, guides, bottom rail, box, battery backup, control unit, motor.

Choice of primer or standard powder coat finishes.

Additional specification levels and optimisable components available on request.


The Fireguard HFS Plus Smoke & Fire Curtain can be installed Face or Reveal Fix to Steel or Masonry.

When the application requires this fire protection system to be concealed the HFS Plus can be installed in suspended or solid ceilings.

Curtain  Material

The curtain is manufactured from a Woven Fibreglass and Stainless Steel Fabric with an Intumescent Silicone coating.

Metal studs are sewn into the sides of the curtain to ensure its correct position in the guide frames whilst in operation.

Guide Rails

The Fireguard HFS Plus Fire Curtain has two galvanised steel guide rails of 100mm x 50mm.

Head Plates

Two galvanised steel head plates hold the shaft with the rolled curtain. Sizing is dependent on the height of the application.

Up to 5 metres high, 210mm x 240mm.

Head Box

The Fire Curtain assembly comprises of a box housing at high level, in which sits the shaft, motor and rolled Curtain. The box is attached to channel section guides at each end.

Bottom Rail

A galvanised steel ‘T’ bottom rail provides the weight needed for the curtain to self-close.


The system is held in the open position by a single phase electric 24v DC motor. When a fire is detected, or power is lost, the motor will disengage and allow the gravity failsafe to activate.


The Fireguard HFS Plus Smoke & Fire Curtain system is supplied with a gravity failsafe control panel with in-built lead-acid battery support.

Control Options

Various options are available to ensure compliance, dependent on the site’s fire protection requirements:

– Audio/visual warning devices
– Emergency retract Switches
– Split drop & delayed drop programmes
– Beam sensors


Head box, guides and bottom rail are galvanised at source with the option to be powder coated as required to any standard RAL or BS4800 colour.

Fire Curtains are naturally silver grey or charcoal finish, depending on the specification.

Optional Extras

Additional extras include:

– Split drop
– Delay on alarm
– Beam sensor
– Emergency retract switches
– Visual alert system


These Smoke & fire resisting curtains are suitable for internal applications.

HAG provides full installation, repair and maintenance for the Fireguard HFS Plus Fire Curtain nationwide.


Regular maintenance is required for all safety products by law. Maintenance contracts are available on request.


Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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