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Automatic wheel restraints are the ultimate for loading bay safety. To counter the risk of vehicles moving during loading and unloading, HAG’s automatic wheel restraints detect reversing vehicles and securely clamp the wheels in place.



Product Specification

Product Overview

Product description

The K-autoblock Wheel Restraints are the ultimate way to protect against drivers pulling away prematurely, handbrake slippage and eliminating human error in the docking station. The system will only release after a trained user pushes the release button in the control unit.

Common Uses

Loading Bay, Distribution Centers, Industrial Units, Hospitals, Retail Units.

Maximum Sizes:

Wide range of widths and heights available


The system has three elements, hydraulic, electromechanical and mechanical.


The system use traffic lights to show the driver when it is safe to move and when it is in the held position.

Sensors on the door and dock communicate with the carriage unit to engage the restraint clamps. After loading and unloading the trained operator will deactivate the wheel restraints via the control panel positioned within the premises.


Designation: K-AUTOBLOCK Power supply: 380 V 3-phased grounded neutral Controls: 24 V DC stabilized, autoprotected Hydraulic: Motor 1.5 KW, 220/380 Tri – 1500 tr Pump: 9,8 cc, 12 L tank Oil: HV 46 SAE 20 (low temperature) Dimensions (except beam): 4500 x 710 mm (475 H) Weight: 700 Kgs

Compliances Machine

2006/42/CE Electrical equipment machine: EN 60 204-1 (2009) Hydraulic security equipment: EN 282 (1996) Control systems security: EN 13 849-1 (2008) Compliant with ED 6059 recommendation (Maintain of vehicles at dock) Pull-out force Class 3 of the FEM Vehicle Restraint Systems EN 11.005 (2015)


Galvanised steel as standard.

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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