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Bi-folding Q Industrial Door

The Bi-folding Q Industrial Door provides a high level of security and thermal insulation (1.08 W/m2K). Option of insulated double glazed windows within the panels. Crafted from robust galvanised steel with inserted CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation. It is the sturdiest and most resilient industrial door system. Widely used in fire stations, ambulance stations and hanger bays. Recommended maximum width 14,000 mm.



Product Specification

Product Overview


The Bi folding Q Industrial Door is a high insulation industrial door.

Enhanced security

It is now possible to specify the Q door with bespoke enhanced security equivalent to SR3 & SR4.

This is achieved using an upgraded multi-locking system, heavy duty fixings, frame & corner reinforcement and enhanced hinges.

Common use

Used for applications that require high levels of thermal protection such as industrial premises, fire stations, ambulance stations or hanger bay doors.

Maximum Width


The Door Panel

The door panel is made by robust steel reinforced stretch-frame holding pressure cast Polyurethane foam between outer coverings. The outer skin can be either plastic coated or galvanised steel 0.6mm thick skin in a profiled design. The pressure cast Polyurethane foam is completely Freon free making the door the most sturdy and resilient in its class. *(Figure: Of 52Kg density / m3). The reinforced stretch-frame is 5mm thick steel with anchor profiles to reinforce locks, hinges and mountings for incomparable durability.

Adjustable Hinges

Fixings that do move for operation proposes, have been designed on the basis of simplicity and heavy dimensioning to guarantee extremely low service cost and a long service life in respect of operating functions, corrosions, energy saving etc. Two Specifically Developed Hinges That Provide Variations. KGJQ- (Standard hinge) Normally used together with a steel plate door sil 100x100mm that is fitted to the floor. Each time the door moves the steel door is swept off; providing a flat and clean sealing surface. KGJQ is adjustable vertically. 3D Hinge – Is used on flat floors (or if the floor slopes towards the door). Multi dimensional adjustment and lifting movement. Roller bearing runs on the track and lifts the door while moving. To adjust the door and seal vertically and sideways.

Electric operation

All electric operated Q doors are automatic locking.

Manual operation

The bi Folding Q Door is operated and locked as standard on the inside using a padlock on an external cremone bolt. As an extra the cremone bolt can be fitted with a cylinder lock (excl. cyl.)

Sealing System

It is important that the door is equipped with a sealing system that withstands ageing that is why there are four different corner-sealing joints placed around the door. The rubber sealing system gives the door the markets best insulation and tightness tested values for insulation.

Insulted to European Standards

Q doors F4’s Sealing system complies with this top European requirement, but at three times the pressure! *(Figures: The top European class 3 for air leakage describes air leakage (T Value) as at best 1.5m3/m2/h at 50 Pa pressure. I.e. 1.5 m3 / m2 /h to 150 Pa).


Windows can be placed in variable combinations and sizes in the door panel as an extra. The standard windows have aluminium frames, with the option of powder coating. All window frames are constructed with an open thermal bridge and toughened insulated double-glazed glass as standard for insulation.

Operating Motor

The motor is simple, reliable and extremely durable. This virtually eliminates any maintenance costs. There are two versions of motor unit, which operate closing at the rate 8 or 12-second. This choice reduces heat loss by matching the correct speed motor with your access speed be it vehicle or pedestrian.

The Door Holder (Manual Doors Only)

When in the open position the door leafs are held back with the door holder for safety.  The door holder engages and locks when the door is opened and is manually disengaged before closing. Alternatively doors that open inwards can be fitted with a gas spring controlled door holder with a semi automatic opening mechanism. When the set time limit is reached the door holder deactivates and allows the door to close automatically. No special actions are required to set or close the door. Electric Doors will self hold open.

Safety Factor

Sensors disengage door movement built within the sealing system are sensors, when an object touches the rubber seal the sensor is activated and disengaged movement of the door.

Bi Folding Q Door Options

Customising the Q Door to Your Specification adapting

• Sections
• Windows
• Colour
• Entry door
• Opening inward opening or outward
• Window Grille
• Door Stop
• Operation, Manual or electric

Environmental Specification

For example a door 5000 mm x 5000 mm with 4 panels

• Resistance to Wind load, Class (0-5):5
• Water tightness, Class (0-3) :3
• Air Permeability, Class(0-6):5
• Thermal ability (U-Value) complete door:1.08 W/m2 K


Enhanced security Declaration of Conformity

EN1627, which is the test standard behind RC “resistance class”, is only applicable to pedestrian doors. There is no EN standard for industrial doors and therefore each country is required to have a national standard or use another country’s standard. In Sweden the standard SSF1074 is used to test industrial doors in SK1, 2 and 3.

The SSF1074 SK2 standard uses the same tools and time limits as in RC3. In addition to tools used in EN1627, SSF1074 uses crowbar, hammer and mandrel set.

The SSF1074 SK3 standard uses the same tools and time limits as in RC4. In addition to tools used in EN1627, SSF1074 uses axe, bolt shears, battery powered drill and a smaller sledgehammer.

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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