Seceuro commercial & domestic aluminium roller shutters

Seceuro CD150
Built On

The foam filled aluminium lath insulates while providing a medium to low level security roller shutter. Well suited for domestic windows and doors as various operations available, including electric. Finishes include white brown, cream or wood grain effect with RAL and BS colours upon request. Recommended maximum width up to 3,400mm.



Product Specification

Product Overview


The Seceuro CD150 Built On roller shutters are constructed from a double skin foam-filled aluminium slat, vented as standard but also available non-vented.


Common use

Roller shutter providing security for windows and doors in domestic & commercial applications. Can also be used on Surverys & Cabinets.

Maximum Width



Nominally 40mm high x 9mm thick.


4.5kg per square metre.


White, brown, cream or wood grain effect, Bottom slat – white, dark brown.

Shutter Box Specification


Roll formed aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes. Bottom box removable for installation and maintenance and Chamfered at 45°. The shutter box is assembled on die-cast aluminium endplates.

Box sizes

Clear opening height (to underside of box):
1600mm, box size 165mm
2000mm, box size 180mm
2800mm, box size 205mm


White, dark brown. The CD150 box can be powder coated to alternative standard RAL or BS colours at an extra cost.

Guide Rail Specification


Ref – H25 Extruded aluminium with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing. High-density 6mm pile brush seals for quiet and smooth operation. 53mm wide x 25mm deep.


3000mm, box size 295mm. White, dark brown, can be powder coated to alternative standard RAL or BS colours at an extra cost.

Operational Specification

Rod Crank Operation

For shutters up to 25kg. Incorporates a geared rod crank handle 1500mm long which hangs vertically and secures into a clip when not in use. The gear is installed in the box, the gear ratio varies with shutter weight.

Spring Loaded

A counter balanced spring ensures controlled raising and Lowering with a key lock in-built at the bottom of the shutter for Security.

Swivel Belt Winder

For shutters up to 15kg. The swivel winder coils the belt when it is pulled to open the shutter. The belt is 14mm wide and grey in colour. External shutters are supplied with a guide tube to protect the belt through the building wall.

Geared Belt Winder

For shutters between 15kg and 25kg. 1:3 ratio with removable handle for belt operated shutters.

Single Phase Electric

Provision of a 13 amp fused spur is required for installation. A tubular motor within the barrel assembly with limit switches and the thermal cut out to prevent overheating.


240 volts and 0.5 – 2.5 amps dependant upon the shutter size


Standard security keyswitch or rocker switch. Other controls are available on request.


A Manual override should be priced and ordered separately for Shutters which are to be installed on exit doorways to permit Operation in the event of a power failure. This is usually only Operable from only one side.

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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