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Sliding Q Industrial Door

The Sliding Q Industrial Door provides a high level of security and insulation (thermal value 1.08 W/m2K). Option of insulated double glazed energy efficient glass within the panels. Crafted from robust and galvanised steel with inserted CFC-free polyurethane foam. It is the sturdiest and most resilient industrial door system.

Maximum height 5600 mm. No maximum width.



Product Specification

Product Overview


The Sliding Q Industrial Door can be a single, double or multiple door section systems that moves parallel to each other in a twin or triple track system.

Common use

Used for applications that require high levels of thermal protection such as industrial premises, agricultural buildings, warehouses & hanger doors.

Maximum Width

With Sections that move in parallel to each other the opening width can possibly be unlimited. Each section is maximum W X H 11,800mm x 5600mm or 40M2 for a manual operation. Powered operation W X H 20,000mm x 5400mm

The Door Panel

The door panel is made by robust steel reinforced stretch-frame holding pressure cast Polyurethane foam between outer coverings. The outer skin surface can be either powder coated or galvanised steel with a 0.6mm thick skin in a profiled design. The pressure cast Polyurethane foam is completely Freon free making the door the most sturdy and resilient in its class. *(Figure: Of 52Kg density / m3). The reinforced stretch-frame is either 3mm, 4mm or 9mm thick steel with anchor profiles to reinforce locks, hinges, mountings and fittings for incomparable durability.

Top and Bottom Tracks

The door panels are supported by double wheel top rollers which run in a heavy-duty top track and supported by cantilever brackets. For larger openings a twin or triple track system is supplied.
A bottom track and guides are also supplied, which allows the doors to stay in the vertical position and run smoothly even in high winds.

Electric operation

All electric operated Q doors are automatic locking.

Manual operation

Q Door is operated and locked as standard on the inside using a padlock on an external cremone bolt. As an extra the cremone bolt can be fitted with a cylinder lock (excl. cyl.)

Sealing System

It is important that the door is equipped with a sealing system that withstands ageing.


Windows can be placed in variable combinations and sizes in the door panel as an extra option. The standard windows have aluminium frames, with the option of powder coating . All windows are constructed with an open thermal bridge between the inner and outer frame and toughened insulated double glazed glass as standard for insulation. The glass can be hardened, laminated or coated with sunscreen.

Operating Motor

The motor is simple, reliable and extremely durable. This virtually eliminates any maintenance costs. Operating opening and closing at the rate 0.2 m/s.

Safety Factor

Built within the sealing system at the front edge of the door and, if necessary, also at the back edge, are safety edge sensors, that will send a response to the door control when an object obstructs the travel. The response will make the door to stop and reverse the direction of movement.

Sections and Movement Directions

We manufacture the sliding doors of one or more panels, which means that the width basically becomes unlimited. You can get a single-section sliding door with opening to the right or left. The Bi-Parting sliding door normally opens in two directions. In special cases, we can produce your door with a double or triple carrier rail, so that you can open sections in one direction.

Q Door Options

Customising the Q Door to your specification adapting
• Windows
• Colour
• Entry door
• Operation, Manual or electric

Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering. HAG operates a policy of continuous improvement.

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