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Airport Security Doors and Fire Protection Shutters

All Airports need a vast array of doors each with its own importance and function from Security, Fire protection, retail display and air side operation.

HAG’s vast range of products offer airports all such virtues and provided several choices to ensure the best protection and safety  to their passengers, property and employees.

Armourguard® C1 Roller Shutters


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Armourguard® C1 Roller Shutters are one of the most versatile roller shutters on the market. Their all-steel construction affords a high degree of security. However, the 76mm curved steel sections that make up the curtain of the shutter also provide a pleasing aesthetic quality. This aesthetic quality can be further enhanced by choosing a paint colour to match and blend in with the environment, from the wide choice of powder-coated finishes that HAG offer on all of their products. The versatility of the C1 roller shutters mean they can be specified for duty-free shops, retail outlets and airport concourses.

Armourguard® C1 Roller Shutters are available in any width up to 10 metres, and can be specified for manual or powered operation by either a single or three phase electric motor with manual override.

Ali Glyde W30


HAG’s Ali Glide W30 range of sliding shutters is the first choice for many retail outlets in airport duty free and train stations.
The Ali Glide range is a manual operation system, allowing it to be cost effective. Its curved track option can fit irregular layouts for café shops and retail outlets giving security in one span.

Their aluminium construction, with clear or tinted polycarbonate in-fills, provides medium security protection, whilst allowing superb through vision when the outlet is closed and the shutter deployed.

Available in a wide range of powder-coated colours, the Ali Glyde W30 provides security at its elegant best.

C Door Steel Sliding & Folding Industrial Doors


C Door Steel Sliding and Folding Industrial Doors are the air side operational door of an airport due to their industrial size. Using the so called “Lazy Tong” design principle, this super-sized sliding, folding door system is available in widths up to 14M, making them the ideal choice for airport hangars.

C Doors are designed for installation where height is restricted. They are fabricated using galvanised steel sections and are in a galvanised finish. The C Doors are hung from an upper runner system and have a lower track guide which can be supplied with a sump pump to clear any pooled rain water.

Manual or electric motor operated, C Doors can also be supplied with remote control if required. With good security, courtesy of a hasp and heavy duty exterior grade padlock system, they also supply a modicum of through vision if toughened glass viewing panels are specified.

Fire Shutters and Fire Curtains


Fire is of, course, a serious hazard in any airport. The comprehensive range of fire shutters and fire curtains that HAG offers are suitable for all fire hazard situations. Manufactured with an all-steel construction, they are capable of delaying the spread of any blaze from one to four hours, allowing plenty of time for the fire brigade to get to the scene.

By connecting fire shutters and curtains into the fire security detection and alarm system, deployment is automatic. Fire curtains are supplied in a grey finish, and are invisible until deployed.

Armourdoor® Blast Steel Door AD50


Armourdoor® Blast Steel Doors have been designed to withstand explosions generated by a charge of up to 12Kg being detonated 5.5M or further, from the door itself. The AD 50 is 50mm thick, offering a 1.5mm zinc plated steel construction, cladding a solid timber core, with steel reinforcement. These doors are for use in special circumstances. We would invite anyone considering their installation to discuss the circumstances with one of our specially trained sales team.

Armourdoor® Blast Steel Doors are available in a wide choice of finishes including: powder coat paint to the colour of your choice; wood laminate, or stainless steel. Tested to BS EN 13124-2 (EXR2 & EXR3), the AD50 is available in either a single or double door opening.

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