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Some people think roller shutters and security doors are only used by large businesses that have a huge amount of valuable stock or equipment to protect. While the team at HAG does install these products for factories, warehouses, industrial units and other big buildings, we also help to protect small businesses and domestic dwellings.

Choosing the right doors and Security Shutters


Each premise is unique, so we have developed a broad range of security products to ensure that we are able to cover all bases. We offer a wide selection of styles, operation methods and security levels to protect your business or residential premises.

For example, our roller shutter range includes commercial roller shutters, servery shutters, car park shutters and domestic window roller shutters. You can also choose between manual, electric or chain operation methods and pick the level of security you require.

Reliable service and installation

Having been in business for around 30 years, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer detailed advice on all of our products. Our engineers are fully qualified and are constantly updated on new legislation and product types. They will install your roller shutters or security doors with as little inconvenience as possible, ensuring that they are running effectively and built to

Repairing and maintaining your Security Shutters

Once your security doors, grilles or shutters are in place, we hope that you will not experience any problems with them. Occasionally, as with all heavy-duty products that are exposed to prolonged wear and tear, you may find that repairs are needed further down the line. HAG offers a 24-7 repairs service so that your roller shutters can be back up and running as soon as possible.

However, many of our customers prefer to use the prevention method rather than the cure. They sign up to our planned maintenance programme, which means that our engineers will regularly service your security doors. By replacing worn components and making minor adjustments, it is likely that your doors and shutters will remain fully operational for many years to come.


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If you would like to know more about our installation, repairs or maintenance service, don’t hesitate to contact one of our technical sales staff on 0800 072 3444. They will be able to give you detailed product information and a quote should you require one.

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