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High Performance Roller Shutter Designed for Modern Car Parks

The HAG Alulink G1 HD is an attractive and reliable medium security roller shutter has been designed to meet the stringent air flow and see-through requirements for car parks. In order to provide safe environmental conditions and comply with Building Regulations (Approved Documents B and F) and BS 7346-7 car park specifiers are increasingly requiring that the security roller shutters at the entrances and exits of car parks must offer 80% through air flow for smoke clearance and fume exhaust.  (For readers wanting to understand more of these requirements please see this simplified guide produced by SCS Guide.


With this specific air flow requirement in mind, the Alulink G1 HD roller shutter was developed.  Utilising a tube and double in-line link construction, this design provides exceptional rigidity to prevent sagging that is a common weakness of traditional tube and link shutters. The Alulink G1 HD uses bright steel rods for strength and Aluminium links for their lightweight and corrosion resistance properties to provide a medium security physical barrier ideally suited to car parks.  It should be noted than in especially high corrosion environments, such as marine environments, stainless steel rods may be specified as an option.  Whilst not generally required, the shutters may be supplied with an attractive powder coat finish in any RAL colour.

Being created specifically for car parks, this product has been designed to operate for many operational cycles per day – typically for each car entrance or exit – whilst providing the necessary high level of safety via the optical sensors embedded in its lower ‘safety edge’.   The Alulink G1 HD can be specified with a range of access control options from key pads to key fobs either supplied by HAG or integrated into most third party building access control systems.  Widely used across the full range of car parks in shopping centres and malls, hotels, tenement buildings as well as office buildings.  Being a roller shutter it enables head room to be maintained in, for example, under croft car parks where head room is limited.  Customers for this product range from Premier Inns in UK to government buildings in Gibraltar.

alulink-g1-hd-01 armourguard-n2m-03

If you require a roller shutter for your next car park application, we recommend that you specify one specially designed for the requirements.  When supported by our wide range of experience for similar applications, nationwide installation teams and 24/7 maintenance and repair support it is a hard combination to beat.  Please speak to our technical sales team on 0800 072 3444 to discuss your requirements.

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