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Security of Agricultural Buildings and Barns

Ensuring the security of agricultural buildings and barns is always one of the highest priorities on any farmer’s agenda. The high costs of farming plant such as tractors, combined harvesters, ploughs, etc, plus the expensive size of premiums for their insurance, is a significant expenditure. It is therefore essential that the outbuildings where this sort of plant is often stored, are well protected with the best industrial doors for the job.


Farm buildings are by nature located away from main traffic and this leaves them extremely vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism that often remain undetected until the farm owners and workers return. Industrial doors from HAG offer the maximum amount of resistance against unwanted intruders and come in a range of options to suit the individual application and rural environment. Dependent on the exact nature of the buildings that require enhanced secure access, there are several product options to choose from.

The Armourguard C1 Range of Industrial Doors


Armourguard C1 industrial doors offer a high level of security due to their all steel construction. The steel is first galvanised to protect it from the weather, and to prevent it from rusting.  Depending on the application, and therefore the aesthetic considerations, Armourguard doors come in a range of finishes, from natural galvanised, (ideal for agricultural buildings and barns), to a polyester electro powder coated finish, available to order in a range of RAL and BS colours. Operation is via Hand Chain or three phase operation. With capability of spanning up to 14 metres in width and height, the Armourguard C1 industrial door is suitable for virtually all agricultural out building needs.

Armourguard C1

C Door Steel Sliding & Folding Industrial Doors


When maximum aperture access is required, the C Door steel sliding and folding range of industrial doors is unsurpassable. C Doors are always manufactured to order, and as such are tailor-made to each order, meaning that generally, no modification is needed to the building prior to installation. Manufactured from cold rolled, galvanised steel sections, they offer medium to high security, and are often used as hangar doors.

The door slats, housed between toughened steel tracks top and bottom, fold back on themselves as the door is opened, providing a truly collapsible door which gives a full open width aperture of up to 10 metres. In terms of operation they can be supplied manually operated, or electrically operated via access to either a single or triple phase power supply. Electrically powered C Doors are fitted with a special torque limiting system which activates a micro-switch to shut down power if an object is encountered blocking the doorway.

C Door

Health and Safety

All large industrial doors are relatively slow to open and close, whether manually or electrically operated. It is therefore recommended that you should have a suitable fire exit door, in the building, and perhaps more than one, depending on the building’s size and layout of the interior.

Armourdoor AD10 Fire Exit Steel Doors


The AD10 Range of Armourdoor steel fire exit doors are manufactured using a sandwich-like construction, with an inner core of honeycomb, rock wool, or solid wood, sandwiched between two plates of zinc coated steel. The choice of inner core depends on the desired degree of insulation and security. The AD10s are all 48mm thick and 2.9 metres high. They can be ordered as single or paired doors, each door opened via either a panic bar, or a push pad.

Armourdoor Fire Exit Steel Door AD10

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