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Security for Doctor’s Surgeries and Hospitals

Making premises as safe as possible from the hazard of fire and theft is always important. But when that premises is open to the public, and some of the members of that public may be elderly, sick, or infirm, (like a doctor’s surgery and hospitals for example), the considerations of ease of access and operation become even more pronounced.

HM Government has produced a short booklet, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, advising how to make a business or public premises safe from fire. Typical Doors in the health care industry are steel fire exit doors, security roller shutters, fire curtain and fire shutters. Each Door has a function to play in a working hospital and doctor’s surgery to protect the property, public and property.

Armourdoor® Fire Exit Steel Door AD10


The Armourdoor® AD10 fire exit door is one of our most popular selling lines, especially for an application such as a doctor’s surgery. The AD10 is constructed from a double 1.2mm thick zinc plated mild steel sheet with a choice of inner cores to vary security levels. They include, Honeycomb, a resin impregnated core material, Rockwool, a blended stone and wool core material and Solid wood core material.

All AD10 fire exit doors are 2.9M high and can be single, or double (each with its own door opener) to allow easier access for wheelchairs.

Armourguard® C1 Roller Shutters


Armourguard® C1 Roller Shutters are ideal for use where a surgery is in shared premises. They are perfect for partitioning off a pharmacy or any other facility in the premises that doesn’t share the same opening hours as the surgery itself. The Armourguard® C1 range of roller shutters will delay the advance of a fire, and slow down the spread of any fumes or smoke. However, their more common use is as a security closure to prevent unauthorised access to unmanned areas containing things like drugs or confidential records.

Armourguard® C1 Roller Shutters have an all steel construction that gives a high level of security. They are extremely versatile and can be custom fitted to any aperture up to 10M in width.

Fireguard FG range Fire Shutters


Fireguard FG range Fire Shutters are specifically designed to halt and slow the spread of a fire. With their fast operation, they are often used in premises visited by members of the public. Commonly used in hospital kitchen, receptions and lift shafts.

With its all steel construction, the FG range, (which is available in widths of up to 10M), has a fire retardation rating of between 1 to 4 hours, allowing plenty of time for the premises to be evacuated and limit the spread of fire.

The FG range provides a high level of security, and can be ordered in a powder colour paint finish to blend in with the environment.

Supplied complete with an electric motor for fast and simple operation, the FG range can also be linked into an existing fire alarm system for automatic operation with a manual override.

Anti Bacterial Powder Coating

HAG can offer a tested anti bacterial coatings for all door products that will provide a secondary support to existing cleaning regimes to fight against bacterial contamination for up to 10 years. Our coatings have shown to exhibit zero growth for fungi and moulds.

If you are in any doubt about the most suitable Fire Exit Doors or Fire Shutters for your doctor’s surgery or hospital, why not contact our fully trained, experienced sales staff on 0800  072 3444  for a free, no obligation telephone consultation. They will arrange for one of our engineers to visit your premises if you so wish. Remember, we are here to help!

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