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Security in Retail

Retail outlets are designed to welcome in the customer, and in terms of attracting passing trade, a striking appearance is essential to the visual impact of a shop. However, security is also a major priority, both in terms of physical protection and insurance requirements.

Some security systems are obtrusive and often intimidating to the customer, resulting ultimately in lost sales and reduced profit margins. Installing stringent, robust and high performance security measures without compromising the aesthetic appearance of a shop (and potentially losing customers), can be achieved by using products from the extensive range of HAG security shutter systems.

Clearguard Roller Shutters


Clearguard Roller Shutters combine the best elements of security and aesthetics. Manufactured from polycarbonate, a space-age plastic designed to be virtually unbreakable and with the capacity to withstand the extremes of temperature, the system is perfectly transparent. Clear, opal, or bronze are available, so you can choose the right option to match your particular environment.

The crystal clarity, combined with the inherent toughness of the material, ensure that Clearguard Roller Shutters are suitable for both high street outlets and shopping centre environments, with width spans of up to 7.2 metres, and with polished silver aluminium hinges and guides.

The Ali Glyde W30 range of Sliding Shutters is made from strong aluminium panels but again, using polycarbonate infills that provide strength with great through vision. Typical applications include shopping centres, airports and railway stations. Whilst being an obvious security asset, they also lend a purposeful, modern, neat visual aspect to their environment.



Another security option for retail outlets is the Alishield N3M Roller Shutters range. The Alishield N3M range is designed to offer excellent door and window protection whilst still allowing a degree of visual clarity through the brickwork type pattern of slots punched into the aluminium curtain.

Available in widths of up to eight metres, the N3M Roller Shutters can be supplied in Mill finish (natural – as it comes out the mill in the manufacturing plant), or either anodised or electro polyester powder coated in a wide range colours. As with all HAG Roller Shutters and Security Grilles, they can be supplied with manual operation or with electric motor powered deployment.

Armourguard P2 Roller Shutters


By far the most popular product requested by the retail industry is the Armourguard P2 roller shutter system, which allows 30% vision through the curtain to ensure the all important and valuable shop front display is seen when the premises are closed. It comprises a 76mm curved profile, perforated with 3.5mm holes in a 0.9 mm thick galvanised steel lath. Retail outlets, shop fronts, kiosks, showrooms, reception areas – all can benefit from the high degree of vision or ventilation for a doorway or window.

HAG offers a proven solution to security installation offering advice, installation and maintenance expertise to provide a cost-effective way to secure premises against break-ins, vandalism and damage. All of our products are specifically made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. With over 28 years of industry experience to draw on, we will survey your premises, and prepare a no-obligation quotation, proposing the right roller shutter or grille product for each individual retail environment.

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