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Security of Kiosks

The security of kiosks demands a roller shutter system that provides a fast and easy method of deployment and retraction, whilst also offering medium to low security for the products that it is designed to protect. Small kiosks are just as vulnerable to security breaches as larger premises, perhaps even more so due to their design which inevitably exposes stock content.

The Nature of Kiosks and their Security Risks



A kiosk that sells various products is of necessity in the public domain. However, it is manned by a member of staff employed by the owner. Security is therefore a low to medium risk, but aesthetics and speed of operation are key. In order to protect these sites, HAG has developed a variety of built on options within its Seceuro roller shutters range. Applied flush to the exterior wall, thus offering an unobtrusive yet effective deterrent, the Seceuro CD38 roller shutter is constructed from a 38mm double skinned extruded aluminium lath offering medium security levels.

Where a kiosk is part of a larger complex, for instance, a shopping centre or retail park, HAG has developed the Seceuro CD9000 rolling grille system. This solid product range is manufactured from silver anodised extruded aluminium links supported by an extruded aluminium bar with 150mm spacing bars to form a brick bond or in line design grille.

Seceuro CD9000

Seceuro CD38

Acoustic Control


By design, kiosks and smaller retail premises are subject to more noise ingress. This can be a problem when for example, staff are cashing up. HAG offers the Seceuro CD150 roller shutter as a solution: constructed from a 40mm double skinned foam filled aluminium lath, noise and heat insulation is provided.

Seceuro CD150

Part Time Usage


If your business uses a kiosk part time, such as duty free venues, railways stations, theatre kiosks or serving counters, then you need a system that is not only high performance in terms of security but is also fast and simple to use manually.  Horizontal collapsible sliding folding shutters and grille systems are recommended for security and protection where retail areas need to be closed off at certain times. The HAG Ali Glyde Sliding Security Grilles & Sliding Security Shutters range comprises eleven models in a variety of style, security ventilation options.

All manually operated, the added advantage to business owners is a low annual maintenance cost. The unique track design enables curved layouts and large spans to be achieved with minimal head room requirement. See the full range of Ali Glyde shutters.

Ali Glyde Sliding Security Grilles

Retail Outlets & Bars

Appearance in retail outlets is an important issue and combining aesthetics with security can lead to compromising either one or the other. The Alulink grille is a unique range that offers an open vented curtain constructed from high grade aluminium links and tubes supported by horizontal aluminium rods to secure and present retail outlet displays to its greatest potential.


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