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Security Roller Shutters and Grilles for Serveries and Receptions

In today’s security conscious climate, providing a safe and secure working environment is vital. For areas that are used by both staff and customers, for example reception areas and serveries, the installation of security measures has to be discreet yet effective. The financial implications on business owners through damage or injuries sustained through lack of adequate security, can be astronomical.

seceuro-cd-150-built-on-03At HAG our main aim is to provide a safe working environment, to properly protect your premises. But at the same time, we also understand the importance of the aesthetic element. Our Alulink-Grille G2 Roller Shutters offer the perfect solution.

Image Conscious

The Alulink-Grille G2 system is manufactured using 76mm long aluminium links. The links are then formed into a Brick-Bond pattern, which creates an attractive woven brick shaped outline, with each open brick-shaped aperture measuring 76mm in height, with a width of 210mm. The continuous nature of the Grille‘s construction allows plenty of through visibility, whilst at the same time offering a staunch defence against unwanted intruders or aggressive customers.

Alulink-Grille G2 Roller Shutters are extremely well suited for environments where image is just as important as security, such as front of house reception areas and lobbies. Not only does the G2 look very smart when it is deployed, but it lends an almost transparent feel about it, letting passers-by get a clear look at the environment they are entering.

Alulink-Grille G2




Where a medium level of security is required, but looks are all important, our Seceuro CD 38 Roller Shutters are the optimum solution. Made using a 38mm extruded aluminium lath, which is then formed into a double skinned construction, the Seceuro offers a stout security solution, but with a great versatility and aesthetic simplicity through the choice of a perforated, punched, or glazed finish.

As with all of our Roller Shutters and Grilles, you get a choice of colour finishes that can be matched discreetly with the surroundings. Because of their aesthetic appearance, the Seceuro CD 38 Roller Shutters are suitable for unobtrusive installation in areas such as receptions and serveries, where the public is constantly present. And the insurance-proven options of the Seceuro range make it a particularly attractive Roller Shutter for many clients.


We have also developed a dedicated fire shutter, the Fireguard FG01 Fire Shutter for installation where a one to four hour fire rating is required. This product is produced from 76mm curved, galvanised solid 20 gauge lath and can be finished in galvanised bright rolled mild steel with polyester powder coat colours available on request for a more aesthetic appearance.

Here at HAG we offer a complete one stop shop facility that covers supply, installation, and maintenance. We pride ourselves on offering a great customer experience. From helping you to make the best choice of product, to ensuring you enjoy a fast, hassle-free  installation, we will support you in every way. And if you take out one of our maintenance contracts you can get an extended warranty deal, elongating the service life of your Roller Shutter installation.

Fireguard FG01 Fire Shutter


If you want to enhance both the security and the image of your property, take advantage of HAG’s experience and discuss any of these products with our engineers. Call us on 0117 965 4888. We can provide useful pointers and are happy to carry out quotations.

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