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Sliding Shutters, Roller Shutters and Industrial Doors for Train Stations

Sliding shutters, Roller Shutters and Industrial Doors for train stations have to be chosen carefully to ensure that they are conducive with the efficient operation of the train station itself. Free traffic flow must be maintained at all times, and for certain facilities within the station complex, security may be an important consideration too.

The important issues to take into consideration when choosing sliding shutters, roller shutters and industrial doors for train stations include:

The Ali Glyde W30 Range of Sliding Shutters


Many of today’s larger train stations now include retail outlets within the premises, which when closed, require shutters that offer a medium to high level of security. They must also allow good through vision as a marketing ploy, and must be aesthetically pleasing.  Amongst the large range of sliding shutters, roller shutters and industrial doors for train stations that HAG manufactures, the Ali Glyde W40 horizontal sliding shutter offers the perfect solution. The shutter itself is manufactured from extruded aluminium, which has polycarbonate glazing to allow for maximum transparency and medium to high security. One of the great features of this sliding shutter is its versatility. It compliments almost any shape, and any length. To find out more about the Ali Glyde W30 simply click here.

Ali Glyde W30 Range

The Alulink Grille G1 Roller Shutter


Another excellent choice amongst the ranges of sliding shutters, roller shutters and industrial doors for train stations with retail outlets, is the Alulink Grille G1. Manufactured from aluminium, the G1 Grille is available with a chain-mail appearance that allows good through visibility and ventilation. The vertical operation is via a single or three phase electric motor, with manual override. The G1 is available up to a maximum width of eight metres and can be electro powder coated to the RAL colour of your choice. To see the full specification, visit the Alulink G1 Grille webpage.

Alulink Grille G1

The Armourguard P2 Roller Shutter


Where a higher level of security is required for retail outlets in train stations, the Armourguard P2 fits the bill perfectly. The curtain is manufactured from galvanised steel giving it an increased security rating. It is also perforated with 3.6mm holes, allowing a degree of through visibility and ventilation. Capable of spanning up to 10 metres in width, the Armourguard P2 is powered by a single or three phase electric motor, dependent on the available power supply. As with all of our products, the P2 can be electro powder coated to the RAL colour of your choice. Visit the Armourguard  P2 webpage for more information.

Armourguard P2 Roller Shutter

The C-Door


The business end of a train station, hidden behind the scenes, is where the maintenance equipment and vehicles (Hi-abs, Cherry Pickers, Forklift Trucks etc) are housed. These require a secure environment, and from the range of sliding shutters, roller shutters and industrial doors for train stations that we offer, the ideal solution would be to install one of our C-Doors across the entrance/exit to the vehicle hangar. C Doors operate horizontally and are manufactured from galvanised steel. They are available in widths of up to 14 metres. They can be manually operated, or electrically operated, using either a single or a 3 phase electric motor. Toughened glass viewing panels can be built into the doors if required. You can find the full specification on the C Door webpage.


Armourguard Industrial C1


Another Industrial door available for the works areas at train depot’s is the industrial roller shutter Armourguard Industrial C1. This industrial specification door enables the whole width of the opening to be used and provides reliable safe operation through its additional safety equipment. Available up to 14 metres wide it is a versatile door that can fit any train depot’s requirements. Common areas where these industrial doors have been installed are train workshops and storage areas for cross rail.

Armourguard Industrial C1

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