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Protect your building from organised technology theft

A worrying trend in the world of property theft is the rise of organised gangs out to steal IT equipment from commercial and public premises. How can you protect your business or organisation from the attention of determined technology thieves?


Crime gangs target computers & display equipment

Police forces across the UK have warned of an increase in the number of incidents involving break-in and theft of exclusively IT-related equipment. Accompanying this is a rise in theft of audio visual and display equipment including speakers, cabling, projectors and flat panel displays.

These crimes are typically carried out by several gang members working together. The intruders attempt to take large numbers of computers and other technology goods, loading them into hired or stolen vehicles. This includes not only consumer units such as laptops, PCs and flat-screen monitors, but also business IT equipment such as servers, routers, cabling and even VoIP headsets.

The attention of these gangs is focused on buildings likely to house large numbers of computers. Not only office buildings are affected: schools and colleges are a prime target, as are training and conference centres.

How can you protect against technology break-ins?

To prevent your premises from being targeted by organised gangs, you need your security deterrents to work in threes.

The first deterrent should be a physical one. Security roller shutters provide elementary protection to every vulnerable opening. They prevent casual entry, take time to overcome and can be upgraded with additional security features.


The second deterrent should be an audible one. Alarms, preferably linked to an emergency services response system, deprive criminals of the time and privacy they need to work on their break-in.

The third deterrent you might consider is CCTV monitoring, which not only alerts your security personnel to what is happening but can also be used as evidence in any subsequent prosecution.

With the right combination of deterrents, your premises will stand out as a difficult target and should be less at risk of being singled out by gangs.

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