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Reasons why your doors should have regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to ensuring that doors and shutters are fault free and in proper working order. Premises that don’t have regular maintenance carried out on the shutters and grilles face a number of issues.


Avoiding serious faults

Having a regular maintenance plan will help keep the doors on your premises in full working order, helping to prevent serious faults from developing. During maintenance, engineers can locate any parts that may be worn and require replacing, preventing escalation into a bigger fault that could prove costly.

Regular maintenance will also help your premises stay secure, as faulty or inactive security shutters can compromise security as well as potentially alter your production or work schedule.

Legal Implications

There is a legal duty to have regular maintenance carried out. Under the Health and Safety Act 1974 Regulation 18(2)(B), all doors and shutters must be suitable for the intended purpose and must have a regular maintenance schedule.
In addition to Health and Safety legal compliance, any fire door, curtain, or shutter must have maintenance carried out under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Without regular maintenance, businesses could invalidate their insurance cover and their building fire certification.

Failure to meet fire safety standards or comply with Health and Safety legislation can also see business owners facing financial penalties and even potential jail time.

How often to have maintenance

To avoid increased likelihood of developing faults, doors and shutters should have maintenance checks of a minimum every 6 months. HAG can provide bi-annual maintenance and 24 hour door repair. Our OSM makes it easier for maintenance and repairs to be scheduled and faults to be reported, and helps speed up the process of fixing applications onsite.

For more information about maintenance options for doors and roller shutters at your business premises, please get in touch by calling 0800 072 3444.

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