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Replacing industrial doors and improving security

If you’re looking to improve security levels at your industrial premises, the first thing to look at are the doors you have in place. Recent security breaches, doors that frequently malfunction, and dilapidation are all factors that indicate it’s time to reassess your security and consider replacing your industrial doors.

The type of industrial door you will need installed with depend on its location, purpose and the level of security you are hoping to achieve. Here are some of the top options:

Armourguard Industrial Doors

These doors offer medium to high security, depending on the model. They can be used for a broad range of industrial premises such as loading bays, warehouses, car parks, agriculture premises and industrial units. Made from high-quality steel, both the C1 and the F1 industrial roller shutter models are available with chain or electrical operation. Each offers unique benefits, including noise reduction and insulation.


Q Doors

This bi-folding panel door offers a high level of security for premises such as fire stations, emergency service centres and industrial premises. Toughened insulated windows can be added to improve light and visibility levels. Q Doors provide a robust steel, reinforced stretch-frame, which holds pressure-cast polyurethane foam between its outer coverings. The outer skin can either be a plastic-coated or galvanised steel. Electrical and manual options are available.

S Doors

This overhead, vertical-opening sectional door can be used in a broad range of industrial premises and vehicle docking bays, even in areas with reduced head room. As well as providing excellent security, S Doors offer weather-proofing, and sound and heat insulation. The doors are made from double-skinned, PU-foamed steel sections. The panels are available in either Stucco or Micrograin, while the standard outer panels are made from high-quality zinc combined with steel or aluminium.




C Doors

These horizontal-sliding, folding galvanised doors are commonly used for industrial loading bays, hanger doors where head height is restricted and large-width openings. The panel is designed on the ‘lazy tong’ principle, where vertical pickets interconnect with steel bars to produce a collapsible gate system. Made from galvanised steel it is available as a manual, single-phase electric or three-phase electric door.

Z Doors

The Z Door is a vertically stacking sectional door primarily used in industrial premises where space behind the door needs to be used, for example where vehicle lifts, cranes or lighting are in force. Popular uses include vehicle workshops, garages, MOT stations, fire stations and distribution warehouses. The CFC-free curtain is insulated and can be fully panoramic to allow maximum vision, while still maintaining its high-security and thermal qualities.

Replacing your industrial doors could make your premises much more secure and may even reduce your insurance premiums. For assistance and advise over which security door to have installed within your premises, please speak to a member of our experience team on 0800 072 3444.

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