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Why roller shutter personnel doors are so popular

There’s a dilemma facing anybody who needs to install industrial roller shutter doors in a large opening such as a vehicle / goods entrance or LGV loading bay.


When closed, the opening needs to be secure. When open, it needs to provide unhindered vehicle or goods access across the full width and height. But what about all the occasions where only pedestrian access is required?

Is it worth waiting for your roller shutter to open, and letting out heat from your building (not to mention letting in wind, litter and leaves) every time staff or visitors need to come in and out? This dilemma has a simple answer: a personnel door in your industrial door.

When you’d choose an industrial roller shutter with a personnel door

A personnel doors is a door-within-a-door (sometimes it is referred to by the strange name of a ‘wicket door’). Typically sited in large industrial roller shutters, it sits in a small aperture in the roller, and swings inwards to allow pedestrian traffic to come and go.

As with most industrial doors, you have a range of options. The cheapest shutter and personnel door combination will not operate with the door in place: it needs to be opened before the shutter rolls up. However, spend a little more and you have more options and functionality.


In conclusion?

We think a personnel door in a large industrial roller shutter is a feature worth having. It saves energy, it saves time, and by not needing to operate the motorised roller for simple to-ing and fro-ing, it saves wear on the motor.

For all questions regarding security shutters (whether fitted with a personnel door or not), don’t hesitate to call the team at HAG on 0800 072 3444 for advice and recommendations.

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