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An all-round service to Kerry Ingredients

Sometimes, industrial doors and roller shutters need to meet more than just the usual challenges of physical security, trouble-free operation and practical application. As we’ll see, long-standing customer Kerry Ingredients has a special kind of ‘visitor’ they need to keep away from their wares…


Three kinds of closures – plus service

Kerry Ingredients’ two sites at Portbury in Bristol and Dursley in Gloucestershire are long-standing customers of HAG Ltd. They make use of several products from HAG, along with a regular maintenance agreement.

Steel roller shutters have been supplied to both sites, which meet their special requirement below. Regular maintenance is also performed twice yearly on the installations, ensuring long life and keeping their performance at a high level throughout all seasons.

Rapid-roll doors have also been installed in Gloucestershire. These speedy and lightweight closures, discussed in more detail here, are the ideal complement to roller shutters in a busy warehouse.

Fire doors and door frames are being supplied as a significant upgrade to the warehouses’ fire exit doors, some of them timber.

Special requirements

Naturally, like any customer of steel roller shutters and industrial doors, their main concerns are physical security and deterrence, operational performance and meeting building and fire regulations. However, Kerry Ingredients also has a particular requirement that HAG engineers are well accustomed to meeting.


The number one visitor on the ‘banned’ list at a food ingredients company is the four-legged kind. As you can expect, vermin would show a keen interest in any gaps in doors and closures. So it’s vital that all roller shutters and industrial doors are perfectly fitted with this.

With HAG’s product expertise in doors and shutters, fortunately, this requirement can be met with no adaptation necessary. Rubber safety edges see to it that each closure is a secure and safe fit, while the experience of our on-site teams means that each installation is carried out to exacting standards.

If you’re interested in discussing industrial doors and roller shutters, and you’d prefer to entrust this to a company whose doors meet these kind of standards, don’t hesitate to call our experienced team on 0800 072 3444.

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