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Science Museum’s Big Object Store

It’s not every day that the business of installing security grilles, doors and shutters throughout the UK helps in the mission to promote science and knowledge. But one of the most interesting locations our work has taken us to is The Science Museum’s Big Object Store, where the fitting of new industrial doors has helped to protect a fascinating collection of artifacts.


What’s there?

The Big Object Store is an integral part of the operations of the world-renowned Science Museum in London. Having just celebrated 100 years as an independent museum, its main venue in London is famous for its historic collections and inspirational exhibitions. During this time, its collection has grown to over 220,000 items, to the extent that only around 8 percent of them can be displayed at any one time.

So what happens to the remainder? They are kept in storage at two other locations in the UK: the Small Object Store in west London, and the Big Object Store in the west of England.

Since the description ‘big object’ includes items as large as a double-decker London bus, the Big Object Store needed a special kind of location, so a former RAF airfield is where they are kept. The site provides plenty of space in its former aircraft hangars, and vehicle access is no problem.

New doors to protect the past

The only problem is, of course, that the doors at the facility have been in place since WWII. At over 70 years old, they are at the end of their working lives.

Our first task was to replace the 8-metre wide main hangar doors. This problem was solved with the Q Door, our popular bi-fold industrial door, which provides insulation value as well as security and quiet operation.

In other parts of the site, there are smaller openings that need protecting. Six Armourguard C1 roller shutters are ideal for the task. They offer strong security and proven reliability.

With millions of pounds worth of almost irreplaceable artefacts in their collection, it is no wonder that the Science Museum takes security seriously and wanted the right solution for their unusual storage location. If you also have a facility that needs securing, call HAG’s expert team on 0800 072 3444.

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