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Securing your Council Premises

Whether an office open to the public or a secure hold for emergency vehicles, council premises need to be kept secure at all times. Installing security equipment and training staff in how to maintain security onsite will help keep your premises safe, minimise the chance of vandalism and burglary, and can reduce insurance costs.


Securing the premises when it is not in use

During the hours that your premises is closed and not occupied by employees, there is an increased risk of vandalism, break-ins, and burglary. While there is no one onsite, or simply a few security personnel, it is essential to make sure that there are appropriate physical security measures in place to help prevent criminals from gaining access to the building.

Roller shutters that can be used to cover windows and doors outside of working hours will deter criminals from trying to gain entry to the property, helping to keep confidential documents, expensive equipment, and vehicles secure. Combining these with installation of CCTV equipment and alarms will mean that you can be alerted of any attempted entries and evidence can be collected.

Installing shutters like the Armourguard C1 can help a premises stay secure. The shutter can be used to keep a variety of different premises secure and is available in three different thicknesses to meet individual security needs. It can be manufactured for any sized opening and is commonly used in retail and industrial premises.

Securing the premises when it is in use

Though there may be an increased likelihood of your property being targeted during hours where there are fewer employees at the premises, it is still essential that security is considered during the day.

In offices, where it is often impractical to have roller shutters deployed during the day, you may wish to have security features added to your external and internal doors. Automatic doors with swing or sliding operators can have additional security features added that can limit access to areas or help control footfall. Choosing to limit access to certain areas or controlling building access entirely will help maximise security during the day.

Council premises, including garages and warehouses, that have roller shutters deployed at all times aside from when access is required, can improve security by having shutters installed that have personnel doors.

Also known as Wicket doors, a personnel door allows individuals to enter and exit premises without having to raise the entire shutter. Raising the complete shutter just to allow an individual to enter or leave can compromise security as it exposes the interior and contents. Personnel doors also provide additional benefits as using them helps limit the amount of air escaping from the premises and can therefore improve temperature maintenance and help reduce energy costs.

For added security, directing your CCTV cameras towards your personnel doors will increase safety measures for staff and any visitors to your site.

Consistent Protection

One of the main priorities when it comes to securing council premises is consistency. Always ensuring that optimum security measures are in place throughout operating and when closed will help keep a premises and its contents safe. As part of continual enforcement, any security equipment installed onsite should undergo regular maintenance, including doors and shutters.

Having regular maintenance carried out on the doors and shutters installed at your premises will allow for any wearing parts to be replaced. This can help prevent serious faults and security compromises.

HAG install and maintain security shutters for a number of council premises. For more information about how we can help keep your premise secure, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 0800 072 3444.

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