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Securing a newly built retail development

Ensuring your newly built retail development is secure is vital to avoid security compromises and criminal activity. All retail premises are at threat from break-ins and theft, and newly built premises containing costly stock can be prime targets. By incorporating the following safety measures, crime can be deterred and risk minimised.


Customer entrance

During the day, the customer entrance to your retail premises can be manned by security personnel but after closing, you will need more efficient protection. Premises based in interior shopping centres should safeguard their individual retail stores during closing time with sliding grilles. Retractable grilles installed to close across the shop entrance are effective in preventing entry, protecting stock and shielding the shopfront. When the shop is in use, grilles can be folded to the side and out of sight, so as not to obstruct the door nor hinder general shop functionality.

Premises with entrances opening directly onto the street should instead use roller shutters to protect their shop fronts when not in use.

Vehicle entrance

Controlling the car park entrances will ensure only authorised personnel can access the development during out of business hours. Traffic gates can be fitted at entrance and egress points to provide a clear, visible crime deterrent. Card swipe or keypad entry can be installed for optimal security measures.


Loading bay

The delivery entrance to a retail development is typically only manned when deliveries arrive, so is a prime area for break ins both during operating hours and when closed. Having roller shutter doors installed in loading bays help to keep the area secure when it is not in use.

Galvanized steel shutters, such as the Armourguard C1, are effective at maintaining a high level of security and are commonly used for retail and industrial premises. Amourguard C1 shutters can be installed with electrical operation and can be coated in polyester powder coating to match brand colours.

HAG manufacture, install and maintain a variety of security doors, well suited to the retail industry. For more information on how your newly built retail development can optimise security measures, please get in touch with our team by calling 0800 072 3444.

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