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Securing Public Transport Stations

With many people frequenting public transport stations, it is essential to keep the areas safe and secure both when in use and when not. As there are many areas within a public transport premises that are considered high risk, it is important to outline these and implement safety and security devices.


Assessing the risk

Outlining the risks public transport stations face allows for appropriate security measures to be put into place. Common risks include fire, trespassers, criminal threats, and other general security issues.  A thorough assessment, along with a specific fire risk assessment, will outline focal points within your premises where security and safety measures should be introduced.


There are multiple areas within a public transport premises that require high levels of security to minimise threats, keep passengers and the public safe, and reduce the likelihood of criminal damage and theft. Installation of security equipment, including cameras, alarms, and security doors will help employees monitor and protect high risk areas.
Roller shutters can be used to prevent access to public exits and entrances when not in use, with larger external exits that provide vehicular access secured through the installation of industrial doors. HAG’s industrial door range, particularly the C Door and the Q Door, are frequently used to protect emergency service vehicles and can span large openings, so are appropriate for use in coach stations, train stations, and other transport premises, as well as vehicle storage facilities.


If the premises has a clear separation between waiting areas and alighting platforms, or coach or bus areas, then an automatic door offers additional security. Locking the door when not in use prevents individuals from accessing restricted areas keeping both commuters and the premises safe and secure.

If your premises includes shops and cafes that aren’t open throughout the entirety of the premises opening hours, then it is worth advising these sublets to install grilles that can be deployed outside of operating hours. This will help protect stock and equipment.


Fire Protection

Transport premises are at high risk from fire and should implement measures that reduce the chance of an outbreak. Not only is an outbreak a threat to life, it can also be incredibly costly, with restoration being a large expense both in profits and reputation. Ensuring that your public transport premises is protected from fire with fireproof applications and equipment will minimise risk and reduce the costs of recovery in the event of an incident.

Fireproof shutters installed between public areas and locations where vehicles are stored will create an effective barrier between a high risk and low-risk area. A durable fire shutter, like those in the FG range, are suitable for interior and exterior use and can be specified to offer up to 4 hours protection. These shutters can be linked to an alarm system for automatic deployment, and are designed for frequent daily use, so can be used as a security measure also.


In public access and waiting areas, consider additional fire safety measures. Shops and cafes operating inside the premises adhere to different fire risk assessments than the terminals themselves, ensuring that they have fire safety procedures in place will provide additional protection.

To provide a clear evacuation route, fire curtains should be installed in public access areas. Deployed curtains, such as the Fireguard Smoke and Fire Curtain HFS Plus, have a fire integrity of up to two hours, which is adequate time for safe evacuations.


All business premises and areas accessed by the public have a legal responsibility to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and should use the government’s risk assessment guidelines when improving the safety of their premises. Read government documentation regarding fire risk assessments for transport premises and facilities.

HAG provide and install a range of shutters and fire safety doors that can help your public transport station stay safe and secure throughout the year. For more information about our products and how regular maintenance can help you comply with UK legislation, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 0800 072 3444.

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