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Securing your Warehouse

Warehouses are often targets for criminals as their contents can be highly valuable. A break in that results in stolen stock or machinery can have an effect on everyday trading. This is why it should be a business’s priority to put measures in place to protect their premises and its contents. Implementing procedures, such as employee background checks and regular stock takes will help reduce the amount of internal shrinkage; but businesses should also install physical barriers that help prevent break ins and thefts.


External Doors and Shutters

Protecting your warehouse can be done by installing security shutters that offer a high level of protection. Industrial shutters, like the Armourguard Industrial C1 that are incredibly difficult to penetrate will prevent unauthorised entry to the property.  If synced with an alarm system it will alert personnel and even the local authorities when tampered with and the alarm triggered.

While large industrial doors and shutters are incredibly practical for loading bays and provide a high level of security, businesses may want to consider installing wicket doors on exterior shutters so that personnel can easily enter and exit the premises without having to raise the entire shutter. HAG installed wicket doors at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service’s USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) building so that employees’ access to the premises didn’t compromise security.



Windows also require protecting and securing as regardless of size, type and location, they can easily provide illegal access to a building. Installation of external roller shutters or grilles will help protect your warehouse during closure and can be opened during the day to allow for natural sunlight to the premises.

Seceuro Removable Window Bars offer a good level of protection for warehouse windows in areas like break rooms and offices where natural daylight is required. The window bars can be installed to be permanent or removal depending on your needs, and are installed inside of the property, helping to create a barrier against criminals without restricting the comfort of your employees.

HAG provide a range of industrial roller shutters that are designed to help keep warehouses and workplaces secure. To enquire about our products, or our maintenance service, please get in touch by calling 0800 072 3444.

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