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Security shutter maintenance: A week in the life

As well as the frequent assignments to install new security shutters, grilles and industrial doors, there is another important role carried out by our multi-skilled engineers: the never-ending task of security shutter maintenance.


HAG’s Engineering planning manager is responsible for scheduling the activity of a team of trained engineers that cover the entire country. Between them, they carry out new installations, services and urgent repairs alike. So what does a typical schedule look like for our multi-tasking maintenance crew?

Regular, planned servicing

Customers with service contracts, where maintenance at regular intervals helps keep their security shutters and grilles in prime working order. Service contract customers get lower rates and discounts on parts.

A planned call involves a full service of all security shutters and any minor repairs where necessary. HAG’s engineers will open the motor housing, check all components and replace items suffering from wear and tear. They thoroughly test all components of the shutter and use the correct lubricants on all moving parts.

Without maintenance, security shutters suffer unnecessary wear and tear, whereas with a little care, they are remarkably durable. Some of the original roller shutters HAG installed decades ago in Bristol are still in good working order today. So provided they are looked after, they can do the business for years.

Urgent call-outs and repairs

Reactive call-outs the majority of which are to repair accidental damage! It’s worth noting some of the common things our engineers see on repair calls. The usual reason is that somebody has tried to close the shutter without noticing an obstruction. They may have lowered the shutter onto a bin causing minor damage. Further calls each month are the result of an overhead shutter not being opened fully, resulting in a loss of overhead clearance: you can imagine the results. And of course there are just plain accidental collisions; for example, when a vehicle reverses that little bit too far into a bay.

These things happen; if they do, it’s good to know there is a team of engineers you can call on in a hurry.

Legislation requiring regular servicing

One important note about security shutter maintenance is that you may need to check your legislation to find out whether regular servicing is a requirement for your industry or your type of premises. Some Health & Safety regulations stipulate that security shutters undergo periodic maintenance. Car parks are a case in point, where a malfunctioning roller shutter could prevent somebody leaving the premises. It’s worth checking the Health & Safety legislation that applies to your business or type of building. If you are unsure, then speak to HAG’s technical sales team and they will point you in the right direction for this information such as the government’s planning portal which is an excellent resource for planning and building regulations.

Your expert security shutter team

By their very nature, security shutters are a vital element of any property’s assets: impacting visual appearance, access, staff and customer safety and naturally physical security. So we at HAG would like to suggest that maintenance should be regarded as an investment rather than a cost. Over the long and busy life of a security shutter, a planned maintenance regime can pay for itself many times over.

The team at HAG will be able to answer any of your queries regarding security shutter maintenance. You can contact them on 0800 072 3444.

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