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Security shutters for industrial units & warehouses

HAG UK’s security shutter and door solutions are versatile enough to be useful in almost any building application. Even so, one of the most important of these to our business is in the industrial and warehouse sector. Hundreds of clients have found HAG able to provide the products they need, together with advice, installation expertise and maintenance, in a thoroughly cost-effective way.

Security requirements

Needless to say, the fundamental job of an industrial door or security shutter is to safeguard the premises against intrusion. Our Armourguard C1 galvanised steel roller shutters are our core products and certainly one of the most versatile shutters on the market. It can be specified in three different thicknesses to suit the security level required and can be powder-coated in your choice of colours. Then there is the S Door, a sectional overhead door used widely in industrial premises and loading bays. It suits premises with low headroom, has a quiet opening system and also provides a degree of heat and sound insulation. Which brings us to our next requirement.


Security shutters for industrial units & warehouses Insulation

A regular request from our industrial and warehouse customers, particularly in the last few years, has been for a shutter with thermal efficiency. With the rising costs of energy and regulations around energy efficiency, it has never been more important to find doors that can help keep some warmth in the building. The opposite can also be true, to keep work areas cool in summer. The Armourguard F1 insulated industrial roller shutter was designed with these needs in mind. Its double skinned, foam-insulated steel sections make it ideal when you need to combine insulation with security. Remember, it’s not only about the insulation value of your shutter but also the way it is installed.

Cost efficiency and thermal efficiency

All warehouse and industrial sites are also concerned with time-efficiency and smooth operating procedures. Your choice of shutters can play a part in this. Increasingly, there is demand for a closure that strikes the optimal balance between security, energy efficiency and speedy operation. The VR Door, a high-speed vertical PVC door that opens and closes in seconds, can be recommended as an answer to these needs. With insulating properties as well as speed, it is particularly suited to closures with a temperature difference. Several of our clients have used this type of closure to streamline their operations and increase their energy efficiency. Ultimately the VR door can help you keep costs down, and operational delays and hassle to an absolute minimum.


Discuss security shutters and doors for warehouse and industrial units

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