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Security shutters prevent damage as well as losses

It’s hard to stop the most determined criminals from ransacking or burgling a commercial premises, although the right combination of deterrents – such as alarms, security shutters and CCTV – can play a big part in ensuring you’re not the target.


However, a disproportionate amount of cost is caused by low-level crime sprees that can more easily be prevented.

How to deter petty crime and reduce your costs

Petty crime is a persistent problem. A typical low-level crime spree involves shop-lifting and breaking into a variety of premises.

Rather than involving hardened criminals, who plan their moves, know what they want and can defeat many security measures, this more common type of crime is opportunist in nature. They see something they perceive as valuable and they quickly assess the physical barriers to theft.

No physical barrier can leave you open to this kind of incident. Even if the culprit escapes with nothing or items of little value, the costs of repairing damage and the inconvenience they cause to the property owner can be high and a long way out of proportion to the material loss.

Then there is an even less understandable and more easily deterred form of crime, which nevertheless causes damage and unnecessary costs to thousands of unprepared business owners every year. Wanton damage, vandalism and apparently motiveless assaults on shop windows, doorways and displays is the sort of random crime that causes insurance premiums to rise, year on year. Commercial glazers can surely attest to the amount of work caused by pointless strikes on shop windows.

These attacks are easily guarded against with a security shutter alone. Whether you install just a steel or aluminium roller shutter or opt for an integrated security setup with CCTV and alarms as well, the costs of installation may pay for themselves if they deter just one incidence of petty crime.

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