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Sliding Grilles – Service Stations across UK

When you need a simple lightweight barrier to prevent casual access, but don’t require the strength or the expense of a security shutter, what do you install?


You could take the example of Moto service stations and look at HAG’s Expanda grille – a lightweight solution to access control.

This is a particular class of sliding security grille that can be installed in rapid time and at low outlay. The secret of their cost-effectiveness is due to their simplicity: they rarely require any modification to the opening and come in standard sizes that can be installed almost off-the-shelf.

They are useful because they can be used internally to provide a temporary barrier to an opening, where your aim is simply to stop people wandering in or out. In Moto’s case, the Expanda grille has been used to partition off indoor retail areas when they are closed.

Its popularity and ease of use really comes down to three factors.

Quick to install

Expanda grilles come in a range of standard sizes to suit any opening. For a wide opening, usually two grilles are installed that meet securely in the middle. Since they don’t require any fabrication nor any alterations to your opening, they can be in place much quicker than other types of opening.

Fast and easy to use

The Expanda grille is operated manually rather than electrically, so it’s simply a matter of pulling it open or closed as you need it. Never mind the substantial saving of both the time and cost of installing electrics; it also saves time each time the shutter is opened or closed compared to operating an overhead roller shutter.

An ideal supplement to other security shutters

We are often asked to install Expanda grilles in an opening that already has a roller shutter. The roller shutter is used for overnight security but can be left open during the day to speed up access times. The Expanda grille can be used to stop people wandering in without having to operate an electric shutter.

Help choosing a security grille or security shutter

Even though the Expanda grille is among the simplest security closures we supply and fit, there may be questions on this or any other type of door or closure we provide. So please don’t hesitate to call our experienced team on 0117 965 4888 to talk through your options.

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