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Speed Doors – Ensuring you never need to say “Shut that door”!

With the ever rising fuel and energy costs it is now essential that whatever energy or heat we generate for our commercial premises we maintain for as long as possible. If not for the company’s expense but for our carbon footprint and the wellbeing of our planet.


The simple logic is, when opening any door the heat loss inside the building will drop and continue to drop until the door is closed. When large doors are closing off multiple thousands of square feet then the loss is huge and very quick, therefore closing the area immediately is vital.

A fast acting or High speed door can limit the exposure to this and therefore vastly reduce energy bills yet maintain the primary function of any door, either a pedestrian or vehicular access.

The HAG VR Door is manufactured from a strong durable PVC material, available in a range of standard colours and vision panels. The door has a self-opening and closing speed of 0.75 meters per second and can be set up as a rolling or stacking system.

These doors are also smartly designed to incorporate many safety features including a “self-mending cycle” for accidental obstructions which would normally require any other type of door to be out of service for a period of time and costly repair bills.

We at HAG believe that High Speed doors are an essential part of a modern commercial building development and are actively encouraging architects to incorporate them in the initial design stage.

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