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Speed Doors used in Environmentally Conscious Global Business

Amcor Ltd, a global company specialising in responsible packaging manufacture, was experiencing a lot of problems with their existing doors in their Warmley production premises. Based on the outskirts of Bristol, the Amcor factory’s doors were found to be inefficient in regards to the lowering of energy wastage due to heat loss.

An international company, with headquarters based in Australia, with factories and offices all over the world, Amcor traditionally specialised in manufacturing paper packaging. Due to changing demands, the company expanded the range of packaging they produced in the 1970s and 1980s and began manufacturing in a wide range of material, continuing the high production standard they had firmly established.

Since the beginning of the company, Amcor has been concerned not only with creating the best product packaging for its clients, but also with finding ways to increase efficiency and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in all of their factories. With over 300 sites across the world, Amcor is committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emission and aims to have lowered them by 10% by the end of the 2015-2016 financial year with long-term objectives of a 60% reduction by 2030.


Requiring new doors for their Warmley production premises, HAG won the competitive bid and fitted new high speed doors. The high speed doors HAG installed now means that the Amcor factory has reduced the time spent opening and closing their large, industrial doors thus optimising productivity, as the doors are operated to opening with precision and speed. Along with the benefit of increased productivity, the doors also helped prevent the loss of heat from the property facilitating Amcor’s sustainability efforts.
HAG is pleased to be part of Amcor’s efforts to become a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly Company and helping them create more comfortable and practical surroundings for all their employees.

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