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Spotlight On The Q Door

For 30 years the cornerstone product in security closures has been the steel or aluminium roller shutter. Protecting doors, windows and shopfronts alike, the roller shutter provides the simplest way of securing an opening at an affordable cost. They’ve certainly evolved in that time, although the basic principle is the same: a strong, reliably constructed barrier that rolls up into a space above the opening.

q-door-03But building openings that need securing come in all shapes and sizes – not to mention different operational needs, and desires of the owner. Sometimes, a real alternative to the overhead roller shutter is called for. Step forward one of the most versatile industrial doors on the market: the Q Door.

What is the Q door?

The Q Door is a bi-folding door that opens horizontally. Each panel is constructed from a reinforced frame that holds a pressure-cast insulating material, and is covered with a plastic or galvanised steel ‘skin’.

Since we introduced the Q Door to the UK, it has been a huge hit. In many cases has been used to replace roller shutters – notably at fire stations throughout the country. So what are the benefits that are persuading people to choose the Q Door?


Benefits of the Q door

Low noise. One of the first benefits you’ll notice when you replace a roller shutter with a Q Door is the remarkably low noise of operation. It glides open with barely a whisper above the whirr of the motor.

Insulation value. The superior thermal qualities of the Q Door are a major reason for its popularity, helping with building regulations compliance regarding heat loss. With a U value up to 0.9, it is usually far better than roller shutter for conserving heat (or indeed, keeping the interior cool, if that’s the issue).


Overhead clearance. Unlike a roller shutter, the highest part of the opening is available as soon as the door starts to open. The best illustration of this benefit is provided by the fire services, whose drivers would occasionally catch the top of their vehicles on overhead shutters in their urgency to leave the station. With a Q Door in place, they no longer have to watch and wait for full overhead clearance.

Width of opening. Instead of several overhead roller shutters on a wide span, a single Q door can cover a span of up to 10 metres. The longest Q door we have installed belongs to a high-end residential client with a large custom built annexe and storage facility. He did not like the old closure so had custom built Q door to match.

Aesthetics. With door panels coming with a choice of plastic or galvanised steel skins in various colours, the Q Door can easily be made to blend in.

Windows. The Q Door can also be part-glazed for the best combination of looks and visibility. Windows are aluminium-framed with toughened double glazing as standard giving that important blend of security, insulation and appearance.
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HAG is the only distributor of the Q Door in the UK at present. We can advise you on the options for electric or manual operation, the types of hinge and locking mechanisms you can use, and on advanced considerations such as how to accommodate a sloping floor. We use our steelwork to provide any necessary modification to the opening, in order for the Q Door to be a perfect and secure fit. And of course we will make sure your door comes in the colour you prefer.

For all Q Door enquiries, call our expert industrial doors team on 0800 072 3444.

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