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The advantage of acoustic doors

In most professional settings, there will always be a combination of areas that are private and others that are public. For example, a hospital will have an open waiting area for patients and visitors and at the same time have offices where exams and consultations take place.Acoustic door

In order for a workplace to adapt its space for its operational needs, there has to be a way to separate the private and public spaces. Acoustic doors are a great solution in situations where a quiet space is needed for working or holding conversations.

Here are some of the benefits of acoustic doors:

Noise reduction

Acoustic doors are a great way to ensure that details of private meetings are not heard by people outside the room. They also minimise the noise entering a room when quiet is essential. Areas that would benefit from using acoustic doors due to their high degree of noise insulation include studios, schools and offices. In addition to reducing noise levels.


With acoustic doors, any interactions that are private are confined to the right space. A healthcare facility, executive offices or a human resource office can definitely use acoustic doors too as they provided the much-needed privacy required. Even in a setting where having an open floor is promoted such as a high-tech business, an acoustic door made with clear glass can help maintain openness while still keeping conversations private.

Variety of different applications

Acoustic doors come in different grades for use in assorted applications.

An acoustic door in a music recording studio will keep out unwanted noise that should be avoided in a recording session. A glass acoustic door will help the interaction between the engineer and the producer as they need to see each other while still minimising the noise in the space.

A conference room is another logical application for an acoustic door. In a corporate office, there are always discussions that may be discussed that require absolute confidentiality.

In production departments, there are always machines running, making a lot of noise. Acoustic doors are the best way to keep the noise levels low in offices near heavy machinery.

Different standards of noise reduction

There are two standard acoustic ratings for acoustic doors. There are two major versions available, the high-performance version and the low-performance version. The high-performance version has a noise reduction value of 44dB while the medium performance version has a noise reduction value of 34dB. Other acoustic ratings can be made available on request.

Acoustic doors can be customised

This is another great advantage of acoustic doors. An acoustic door can be fitted in any space size in many different finishes. You can use glass for visibility and openness or wood to go along with the office design. Aluminium can also be used. As long as you work with professional installers like HAG, an acoustic door is definitely the way to go due to the many available benefits that they provide.

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