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Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Sectional Door

HAG’s sectional doors are the ideal choice for businesses that work in an industrial sector and make frequent use of their loading areas of workshops and therefore have a need for it to be easily accessible. Making the choice to have a Sectional S Door fitted at your premises means that your business will benefit from a durable door that can be custom created to suit your company’s needs. Here are the top three reasons to buy an S Door Industrial Sectional Overhead Door.


Thermally Insulated

Industrial Door Due to the composite panel construction, the doors have thermal insulation that helps regulate the temperature of the premises. Manufactured using steel sheets and a zinc coating, the doors have CFC free foam inserted between the metal layers. To suit your business’s needs, the doors can also be manufactured in aluminium.

Insulated S Doors will help with reducing energy costs as soon as they are installed and the lowering of carbon emissions and the meeting of changes to Building Regulations in April 2014 that require buildings to meet standards that help with the conservation of fuel and power.


Weather Resistant

This Industrial Door is best suited for use as an outer door in industrial workplaces, the S Door’s guide tracks are manufactured using HAG’s unique stud welding system to create a highly secure, resilient seal to the building when they are fully closed. The secure seal means that when the door is properly closed, it is incredibly weather resistant, protecting interior workspaces from the outside elements.


Helps Reduce Noise Pollution

Along with providing safety and security, a Sectional Overhead Door helps with issues surrounding insulation and the reduction of noise pollution. The insulation that helps regulate temperature also aids noise reduction and the impact that this has on neighbouring businesses and residential areas. Businesses that run during unsociable hours, operate throughout the night, or even make use of heavy machinery, will benefit from the acoustic insulation built into the doors.


If you would like to know more information about the Sectional Door, or the other industrial doors HAG offer and how they will benefit your business premises, please call us on 0800 072 3444 or fill out our contact form.

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