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Top Three Reasons to Buy a Roller Shutter Door

HAG regularly provides companies in the UK and abroad with quality roller shutter doors that are modified to suit the business’s particular needs. With a wide range of roller shutter doors available, businesses can choose an appropriate door for their premises and have customised operating systems, safety measures, and colours added to meet the standards of their company. For businesses considering purchasing a roller shutter door for their premises, here are the top three reasons to have one installed.

Safe and Secure

Depending on what features your business chooses, a roller shutter door provides a medium to high-security level that helps to protect the premises from criminal activity and damage. Manufactured using galvanised steel, aluminium, or hard coated polycarbonate with either an opaque curtain type or one that offers through vision (suited for indoor areas), the doors offer optimum security by design.


The roller shutters also offer a security solution for premises that are restricted by headroom space, as the compact headbox design allows for the roller shutter door to be compacted above the doorway preventing any height restrictions.

Variation in Operation

All of the roller shutter doors that we manufacture, sell, and install are available to be fitted with a variety of operation methods to suit the needs and budget of a business. Depending on premises requirements, roller shutter doors can be fitted with either manual or electronic operation. With manual hand chain operation available for industrial premises, and single phase and three phase operation options available for premises whose doors are in constant use, the roller shutters can be fitted with an operating system that is most suited for a premise’s requirements.


All of our electrically operated roller shutter doors are fitted with a manual override for safety so that in the event of a power failure the door can still be opened.

Cost Effective

The range of roller shutter doors can be produced to meet the specific size requirements, security, and operational needs of your company, meaning that manufacture and installation can meet the budget of your business. Suited for industrial, residential, and retail premises, the roller shutters are able to cover larger entrances and exits when compared to alternative options. Installation of a roller shutter can also be cost-effective in terms of long term reduction of energy bills, buildings and contents insurance, and company productivity.

If you would like to know more about the benefits one of HAG’s Roller Shutter Doors and how it can keep your premises secure, or would like more information about any of our industrial doors and shutters, please call us on 0800 072 3444.

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