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Want a better looking security shutter?

Plain steel roller shutters are a great help to your security. But let’s be honest, they don’t do a lot for your looks.


Fortunately, they’re not your only option. Did you know there’s a multitude of ways to make your security shutters a whole lot better looking?

Different materials for a visual improvement

You could choose from a range of upgrades to the basic roller shutter design. Matt black perforated shutters are a great option. They don’t compromise on security, but their appearance virtually makes the structure disappear – a bit like a microwave grille: passers-by can see through them if your premises are lit from inside. So they offer a blend of security, visibility and classy finish.

Coloured security shutters

Then there is the colour option. Powder coated security shutters use a baked-on durable finish, similar to the technology used in modern vehicle paint. The choice of colours is almost limitless so we can match your signage, features of your building or your own signature shade.

Perhaps the best aspect of choosing coloured powder-coated roller shutters is that you also get additional protection from the elements. They don’t just look brighter right away, they’re also easy to clean and corrode less easily than plain metal – so they stay better looking for longer.

Branded shutters: coming soon…

The ultimate in better-looking shutters is surely one that shows off your own brand, and the technology now exists to clad your shutter with vinyl display graphics. Or if you’re not fussed about that, you can show off somebody else’s brand – yes, you can even sell your shutter space for advertising.

We’ll be publishing more about branded shutters soon. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how to make your security shutters bolder, brighter or simply better looking than plain grey, give our experienced team a call at HAG. You can reach the team on 0800 072 3444 where we’ll talk through your options with you.

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