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A wet and wonderful tale of stainless steel security shutters

Would you believe one of the most unusual steel roller shutter orders we’ve undertaken to date was to protect working scale models of ocean-going oil tankers?


It was one of the most specialised jobs undertaken by our bespoke projects team, calling for a material we don’t often work with (stainless steel) and a surface we aren’t often asked to install upon (the surface of a lake).

Suspend your disbelief and we’ll explain all…

Training tomorrow’s tanker captains

Our client is one of the foremost maritime training centres for in Europe: the Warsash Maritime Academy, part of Southampton Solent University.

Their training centre at Timsbury Lake, near Romsey in Hampshire, is designed to give students first-hand experience of ship handling in a true-to-life training environment on the water.

When ocean-going oil tankers prepare to negotiate the tricky waters leading in port, the usual procedure is to put a pilot on board: someone with specialist knowledge of the local water and docks as well as general ship handling skills.

Model Boats

To prepare these individuals for the reality of handling a giant vessel on the seas, the centre uses scale-model tankers: much smaller than the genuine article but fully functioning, allowing instructor and pupil to get aboard. They learn their rudimentary seamanship and how to carry out demanding manoeuvres in the safety of a scaled down model.

Their need for a security shutter arose when the lease ran out where their tankers were previously stored. They needed to establish an equivalent storage facility. Naturally, in the dead of night, the equipment was vulnerable to being vandalised or broken into.

Enter HAG’s special projects team. They were able to design, manufacture and install a stainless steel roller shutter. Having natural inhibition against corrosion, the shutter is able to meet the water level in their wet dock storage environment.

It’s obviously not a standard product, but it goes to show that HAG is able to meet just about any security shutter challenge. To find out more, and to talk to our team about any aspect of shutters or industrial doors, call our sales department on 0800 072 3444.

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