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Conditions of Sale – Supply & Install

Conditions of Sale – Supply Only, Supply & Deliver

Tender/Contract Conditions of Sale

Qualifying Details – Supply & Install

Contract Type  
Our Company policy is to work in conjunction with contractors and contracts with JCT98 and DOM 1 as the term of contract.  Our company policy is to decline DOM 2 form of contracts.

Our Company policy is not to enter contracts with design indemnity incorporated, nor with design as part of the scope of works.  The door shutter manufacturer association industry standard has no requirement for professional indemnity insurance, therefore, it is omitted from any form of contract.

Our Company holds public liability to the value of £10,000.000 (Ten Million Pounds Sterling)

Performance Bond
In line with the view of (NJCC) – The industry’s “Good Practice” advisory body in the United Kingdom these bonds are not necessary, however, should this be a pre-requisite to contract the nominal figure 9% of the contract sum and is required pro-forma.

Liquidated Damages
It is our company policy to accept liquidated damages, but at a rate that is acceptable (Not excessive) to both parties.  This must not be regarded as a “Penalty” but as a means of measuring a sensible and efficient way to proceed.

HAG Qualifying Details – Supply & Install

Qualifying Details – Supply Only