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Innovation in fire protection

Fire is one of the most devastating risks building owners and companies often have to mitigate for. Not only for the obvious danger to life, but financial and business continuity can be severely affected by relatively minor fires. This is why fire protection innovation is one of the most important and welcome developments in building security in recent years.
When considering fire protection, it is essential that a high standard of performance, specification and protection is considered for any premises. Recent fire protection innovation has allowed a range of products to be produced to suit a variety of business needs, and also fit in with aesthetics and well as the role of the business.
HAG’s own range of fire protection innovations includes steel doors, fire shutters and fire curtains to protect industrial and commercial premises.

Fireguard Smoke and Fire Curtain

For example, the Fireguard Smoke and Fire Curtain provides up to two hours integrity, and is ideal for department stores, elevator shafts, restaurants and public escape routes. Available in a variety of widths, and up to a maximum height of 8m, the curtain is manufactured from a Satin Weave Fibreglass Fabric and coated with Intumescent Silicone.
As with most HAG fire protection products, it can also be incorporated into any existing fire protection system. Optionally, the Fireguard Smoke and Fire Curtain can also be controlled by smoke/heat detectors, emergency retract switches or group control.

HF240 Fire Curtain

The HF240 Fire Curtain provides 240 minutes of fire protection, tested to EU standards. HAG’s fire curtains come with optional rescue window – a silicon optical resin window which allows emergency rescue services to look through the curtain into the space within. This enables a much more effective rescue operation, ensuring that you can quickly look within a premise and assess the situation.
This is commonly used in airports, hospitals, distribution centres as well as food and beverage establishments with a high volume of people within the premises. Additionally, the curtain has 30 minute irradiance protection, which enables a much safer escape route out of the premises.

HFS Plus Smoke & Fire Curtain

For protection against smoke too, the HFS Plus Smoke and Fire Curtain has an irradiance protection of 120 minutes. The design is best suited to kitchen server hatches, office, retail units and schools as it provides a safe means of escape, even right next to the curtain with close contact protection. For use in corridors and escape routes, the curtain combines fire protection with specialist smoke seals and irradiance protection.

HAG offer expert advice about all aspects of fire protection innovation and products, to ensure optimum safety levels. Our expert team of technical advisors are always happy to assist before specifying and ordering, and welcome any opportunity to show their wide range of fire protection innovation systems. To enquire, call us on 0800 072 3444 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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